AMD Phenom X4 Quad 9100e HD91000BJ4BGD Processor Specs


AMD-Phenom X4-Quad-9100e-HD91000BJ4BGD-CPU-Processor-Specs


AMD Phenom X4 9100e 1.8GHz HD91000BJ4BGD Quad Core Processor Socket AM2+.

CPU Processor Details/Specifications:

Processor: AMD Phenom X4
Model: 9100e
Operating Mode: 32/64Bit
Revision: B2
Stepping: JAAZB
Core: Agena
Frequency: 1800MHz = 1.8GHz
Voltage: 1.10-1.15V
Maximum Temperature: 61′C
Thermal Power: 65W
L1 Cache: 128 KB x4
L2 Cache: 512KB x4
L3 Cache: 2048 KB
CMOS Technology: 65nm SOI
Total Transistors: 450 million

Socket Type: AM2+

Tray: HD91000BJ4BGD

AMD Phenom Quad processor have the power to do it all. Featuring next-generation quad-core design, they crush even the most demanding tasks. The AMD Phenom Quad processor are the most advanced processors for true multitasking with true quad-core design.

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