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MSI Motherboard Switch Jumper Settings


This diagram presents the general layout of msi motherboard and a summary of the switch and jumper settings, sound, audio jumper settings, power switch, reset switch, ide hard drive activity led, usb, firewire ieee 1394a port. These connectors are for electrical connection to the front panel switches and LEDs. Power Switch, Power LED, Reset Switch, HDD LED.



Jumpers Clear CMOS:
There is a CMOS RAM onboard that has a power supply from an external battery to keep the data of system configuration. With the CMOS RAM, the system can automatically boot OS every time it is turned on. If you want to clear the system configuration, set the jumper to clear data.


You can clear CMOS by shorting 2-3 pin while the system is off. Then return to 1-2 pin position. Avoid clearing the CMOS while the system is on; it will damage the mainboard.



Front USB Connector: JUSB1 / JUSB2 / JUSB3
This connector, compliant with Intel I/O Connectivity Design Guide, is ideal for connecting high-speed USB interface peripherals such as USB HDD, digital cameras, MP3 players, printers, modems and the like.


Note that the pins of VCC and GND must be connected correctly to avoid possible motherboard damage.



IEEE1394 Connector: J1394_1
This connector allows you to connect the IEEE1394 device via an optional IEEE1394 bracket.



Fan Power Connectors: CPUFAN, SYSFAN.
The fan power connectors support system cooling fan with +12V. When connecting the wire to the connectors, always note that the red wire is the positive and should be connected to the +12V; the black wire is Ground and should be connected to GND. If the mainboard has a System Hardware Monitor chipset on-board, you must use a specially designed fan with speed sensor to take advantage of the CPU fan control.



Please refer to the recommended CPU fans at processor’s official website or consult the vendors for proper CPU cooling fan.

CPU FAN support Smart fan control. You can install Control Center utility that will automatically control the CPUFAN speeds according to the actual CPUFAN temperatures. Fan cooler set with 3 or 4 pins power connector are both available for CPUFAN.


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